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The Way of the Horse:  How to see the world through his eyes.
Horses Never Lie:  The heart of passive leadership.
Of Women and Horses.
From Birth to Backing:  Give your young horse a head start in life by using the appropriate body language.
The Formative Years:  Raising and training the young horse from birth to two years.
Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal:  This WORKS!
Blessed are the Broodmares
The Complete Book of Foaling:  An illistrated guide for the foaling attendant.
Feeding to Win:  Latest and most advanced info on equine nutrition and related subjects.
Conditioning to Win:  Covers fundamental methods and techniques, exercise, physiology and conditioning needs.
A-Z of Horse Diseases and Health Problems:  Signs, diagnoses, causes and treatments.
The Less Than Perfect Rider:  Overcoming common riding problems.
The Man Who Bred Skowronek:  By Andrew K. Steen.  Purchase at:
In Search of the Arabian Horse:  By Andrew K. Steen.  English translation of Captain Luis A'zpeitia de Moro's 1905 classic "En Busca del Caballo Arabe".
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Legal Mystery Novels:  By Cali Canberra
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